About Me

Hello, my name is Marco Antonio Cisneros and I grew up in Hamilton City and Chico California. I am a college student at Chico State majoring in Business Project Management. As many of you know college is a land of debt. I’ve worked at many jobs from wood craft to car washes and I have developed a passion for vehicles. I love the idea of entrepreneurship and I finally decided to take my own step on owning a small business. A business where I can gain even more experience with customer service and share my passion with others. My main goal with my business and passion is to provide the best service for those who love having a clean and fresh vehicle and for those who also want their kid hauler or work vehicle detailed. My service provides all of that at your very own convenience with a twist, you have the opportunity to have a comfortable and relaxed waiting area at your very own home. My service is based on the customer’s home and all the work is done at the spot. Clean, Mobile, Friendly is the motto for MC Auto Detailing. I offer my services to everyone in Orland, Capay, Hamilton City, Ordbend, Nord, Chico, and Durham California!. I want to provide an exquisite and affordable detail service for your car!

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